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Brand meets lifestyle

When combined with a late-twentieth-century marketing concept, lifestyle, the notion of the brand takes on new meaning. Lifestyle is, by definition, a way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group. The word implies a certain level of control on our part, i.e. that we choose this lifestyle, because it gives us pleasure at whatever level. So when a product or service becomes part of a lifestyle it means that the product is part of the choices that people make. These choices become part of how they come to control and augment their lifestyle and the expectations they have for that lifestyle as they craft and order it to their liking. Being able to rely on a product or service to deliver a consistent contribution to that lifestyle is significant to the idea of branding.  


An emotional connection

Although most designers have been late to adopt the significance of branding, the profession stands poised to assume the role of branding’s most adept practitioners. For decades designers, perhaps unknowingly, have been wielding one of the most formidable weapons in brand development: emotion. Evocative communications and the sleek and sensuous lines of a well-molded device are a brand’s mission-critical connecting points. By embracing the way a brand is adopted into the marketplace design firms can play a pivotal role in crafting powerful brands, not only through their elegant connecting points, but also in guiding clients to the essence of those powerful brand connections. 

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