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Companies who are serious about embarking upon a rejuvenation of their brand, or those who are hoping to create the next major brand, must begin by asking some difficult and fundamental questions such as why their brand exists. If you are old enough to remember the dot-com collapse in the late 90’s, it wasa painful lesson and evidence that a brand cannot be sustained without a bona fide product or service that adds value to the life of a customer somewhere in the world. If the site or the product or the service does not resonate with a prospect on an experiential level whether emotionally, practically, spiritually or even superficially it cannot be made a sustainable brand. It must add value. Without value the brand will not survive the forces of natural selection and brand Darwinism.  

The way I see it. The success of a brand and its ability to sustain itself will always be a matter of “value added” and the public’s ability to assign a certain level of reliable expectations to that product or service that provides that value. The most successful brands will always be those that deliver not only the tangible value but the emotional value as well. Whether it’s hamburgers or hotels, the latter will always be seen as the most valuable, because when confronted with two choices of apparently equal benefit the prospect will always choose the one that feels right. 

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