Graphic novel checklist. Part 1.

After tidying up a few lose ends, like posting my student’s grades and submitting my up-to-date thesis documentation this week, I will have the first, full-length summer vacation since I was 15 (considering that I worked during my summers from that age forward). Hmm. This should be interesting. But before you get visions of piña coladas poolside you should know that I’ve established an aggressive 18 month schedule to complete my graphic novel and another 6 months (if needed) to complete my research paper. In addition, my thesis committee recommended that I prepare an essay/paper that posits some of the assumptions surrounding my thesis and submit these to conferences and symposiums in the graphic novel, science fiction, or design realm. Therefore my summer is going to be packed with — work. Fortunately, I have a calendar and a long list of to-dos.

Tomorrow I will discuss the ins and outs of CGI software as stare down this task ahead. For those of you dying for pictures, there’s a couple of new ones at and

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