Graphic Novel: Road to Completion



I think there are probably a few skeptics out there that wonder whether or not this graphic novel thing is real or not. Indeed, it is. Therefore it’s incumbent upon me, I think, to publish a timeline. Unfortunately this one is probably not big enough for you to actually read, but nevertheless, it is real. This past summer I had multiple objectives:

  • complete concept art for eight key characters
  • write a scholarly paper outlining the academic side of this two-pronged project
  • learn a few new software and modeling techniques
  • begin an archive of source imagery
I am pleased to report that I am, thus far, on schedule. Over the course of Autumn Quarter at Ohio State I plan on embarking on Phase II. This entails:
  •  A panel calendar for completing both thumbnails and finals for every page of the book
  • Thumbnail layouts for at least 1/3 of the book, 30 to 50 pages
  • Additional research and amplification for my scholarly work (the design fiction side of this exploration)
  • Resolution of a graphic approach to text, captions, dialog, thoughts and sounds
  • Animatic for the promotional trailer
  • Additional concept art
As I am an MFA graduate candidate, this next phase could be a bit more challenging. Along with this project focus I am also teaching Basic Design 251. Thankfully, I have a class of 22 bright, and motivated students. Fortunately, I have built thumbnailing, research and exploration into credit-bearing independent study classes, and the animatic is actually a final product of Arts College 730, Sequential Imaging. Nevertheless, loads to do.
Since you can’t read the fine print above, if all goes well, it looks like we could have a completed work by the end of next summer or into the Autumn of 2012 at the latest. Then I will use the last semester to finalize my scholarly work and thesis. This much I know: It won’t extend beyond that, because I’ll be broke. : )

I’ll tell you more about the research aspect that I’m involved in this quarter in a later post.

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