It’s alive! GG design fiction graphic novel – Chapter 1

Good morning!! I’ve done it. The first 40 pages, chapter 1 of The Lightstream Chronicles graphic novel is now online and available for a free download.

The Lightstream Chronicles Banner
Chapter 1 is alive!


Visit The Lightstream Chronicles website and comb through all the great content that I’ve put together for the project such as backstory, character profiles, behind-the-scenes, etc. and then navigate on over to chapter 1 and download the HD graphic novel for your reading enjoyment.  The download is a 69MB PDF so it might take a couple of minutes based on your internet connection but it shouldn’t take too long. (The link will take you to and you’ll have to look for the download button off to the right.) Remember that it is HD, which means you are missing out if you don’t zoom in and inspect the scenes and panels. But you can read it however you want; fast, slow, twice. If you’re going to view it on an iPad, which works quite well, make sure you have a pdf viewer app like GoodReader, but there are also free apps too that work fine, like Stanza.

If you are a graphic novel fan, then you know that this is not the first CG graphic novel, but I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that you’ve never seen one quite this detailed. I could tell you more about it but I would really prefer that you visit the website and get a more detailed version. Where we may be onto something completely new is that it quite possibly may be the first design fiction graphic novel. If you follow this blog, then you already know all about that, but here are some refresher links. Like this or this.

Latest update on Kickstarter is that I’ve received Amazon approval and I have submitted the project for KS approval… I’m hoping to go live with the project on October 30. Stay tuned.

If you like what you see in chapter 1 – “like” it  on Facebook. Thanks! Enjoy!


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