Design Fiction Graphic Novel Goes to Kickstarter

The deed is done. After months of research on book, poster and T-Shirt printers along with flash drives and international shipping, the Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE. The main objective behind this effort is to secure funding to get the project distributed as a hardbound book, as well a digital edition. A 220-240-page book is not cheap to print and when it’s finished it is going to be a hefty piece. There were also issues of distribution since there’s no room in my office for a skid of books, boxes of posters, T-shirts, etc. It was all very exciting though, to push the Launch button. The campaign is going to run for 40 days (the Biblical significance is intentional), and my hope is to raise $35,000. That seems like a lot but there has been a lot of number crunching to get to this point.

The moment arrives. Hitting the launch button on Kickstarter.

If, by chance, there is more funding, I plan to upgrade my processor to allow for faster rendering which will hopefully move the project along more quickly. As you know, chapter 1 is already online, and there are six chapters in total. The final chapter is scheduled in 2014. No, that is not a typo. Building this world in CG with diligent, even obsessive attention to detail, will take a time. And, of course, it must be right.  Some backers will have the option of getting custom flash drives of each chapter as it is completed. This will make the wait for chapter six much more tolerable.

I’ll be posting as developments occur. Check it out. Tell people! Thanks.

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