Graphic novel update and web comic debut

The Lightstream Chronicles is moving forward. I have completed about 25 percent of chapter 2 thus far and created several new diegetic prototypes to further the design fiction discussion. New scenes in chapter 2 include the interior of police headquarters, the Hong Kong 2 police surveillance control room, the medical center, Kristin’s office, her apartment, and a few other spots. Chapter 2 also introduces the remaining characters that didn’t show up in chapter 1. This would include Kristin Broulliard, Detective Guren, Col. Chen, and a host of bit players and extras. (Keiji-T a major character appeared briefly in chapter 1). You can see all the characters and get some additional background¬†here.


If you weren’t one of the 270 people that downloaded chapter 1 (when it was available on the site) then you can start following the story in web comic form. I will be updating it every Friday morning here at GMT-5.

On a side note, this is my last semester at OSU, and I’m scheduled to graduate with my MFA in May. I have submitted a number of applications for faculty positions around the country and here locally so it will be interesting to see where I end up this Fall. Next post, will feature a one of most visible diegetic prototypes of the story.

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