Design Fiction Web Comic – Page 19

I thought I might add a bit of color commentary this week and from now on, about the art that you see on the web comic.

Page 19. This scene is (if you’re following the captions) later that night after the big show at Almost Human Corporation (AHC). In that scene we introduced Sean Colbert, Toei-N, Col. Lee Chen, and Keiji-T, Sean’s latest creation.

The opening panel is a new view of Hong Kong 2 at night and it correlates with an earlier page (labled NEW intro). Since Hong Kong 2 was built to scale, there are lots of scenes of the city from different angles. In this panel I’ve set up this sort of Hitchcockian zoom-in on the top floor of Building 3 at AHC. By the third panel, you can probably figure out where we’re going.

One of the challenges of this scene was not only building the city but actually having the interior of the penthouse lab inside the building so that the “camera” could zoom-in right through the window. I’m not sure how game environments are actually built, but scale and continuity are no doubt a huge part. I wanted everything to feel as real as possible.

I had a stream of air vehicles zooming through the scene way off in the distance, but I cut that. Maybe I’ll start and out-takes file.

Another little atmospheric detail is the constant fog and rain that occurs in Hong Kong 2. I’m attributing this to the climate change that has occurred as a result of the vast area that the Pearl River Delta mega-city complex has spread across. The heat build-up from the construction that has covered the green zones has resulted in very erratic weather patterns. There is a bit of  mega-city backstory on pages 5 and 6 if you want to go back and study up.

Rain is coming.

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