p23 The Lightstream Chronicles -Director’s Commentary

So far, The Lightstream Chronicles has focused on the area known as TopCity high above the poverty and crime of DownTown, but that is about to change. This will start to reveal the punkier part of this cyberpunk crime thriller.

TopCity travel in Hong Kong 2 is swift. About 10 minutes after leaving his lab, Sean is an the airtunnel clear across town having boarded the Wan Chai to Kowloon Cross-Harbour Connector. The airtunnel is almost deserted at this hour since curfew is in an hour and a half and the shuttles will stop running. I was going for a clean, pristine look with floating advertisements  talking to no one. A little on the creepy side. Sean is about to board the MagShuttle which is a magnetic levitation system that moves between the 300 levels of the city. Below 50 stories is the old city. Crime ridden and in disrepair it is known as DownTown. The mag-lev transportation traverses the city of Hong Kong 2 to both vertical and horizontal destinations, including DownTown. I chose the standard Asian meme of a happy character as the logo for the Mag Shuttle. (It also happens to mimic the shape of the shuttle capsule).

Signage for the MagShuttle. So friendly. Don't worry. Be happy.
Signage for the MagShuttle. So friendly. Don’t worry. Be happy.

In panel 3, Sean is met with a warning that recommends he think twice before venturing into the “unsafe zone.” Sean appears unruffled as he accesses the touch panel to open the shuttle doors. If we think about this, it is just one of the many ways that the authorities keep tabs on the general public. By placing his fingertip implants (luminous implants) on the touch pad the system not only knows who he is and virtually everything about him, but where he is in the city. As the shuttle door opens we see a spacious enclosure with great views of the surrounding area including a billboard for Luminous Implants.


The plot thickens.

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