Design Fiction Thesis Published – MFA Earned – webcomic continues

Now that I have secured the Master of Fine Arts diploma in Design Development, and successfully submitted my thesis to the Graduate School at The Ohio State University, I can officially close that chapter on my ongoing adventure. Choosing the word chapter is appropriate since this book is anything but over and I’m not just talking about the graphic novel that continues to be a central focus of my research. This chapter that I reference is the beginning of a new career after 30+ years as a professional designer to that of Assistant Professor of Design Foundations at OSU. As a professional designer I also managed a bit of mastery across the design spectrum in everything from product design, visual communications, interior, set, brand and experience design along with creative direction and running three companies.

The professorship will begin in August after an appointment this summer as lecturer. My summer will be focused on generating more chapters for the graphic novel/web comic, and preparing curriculum for fall semester. Once I settle into the summer groove I hope to have Chapter 2 completed in the next few weeks and Chapter 3 by summer’s end.

That’s the update.

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