Mysterious gizmo in T-Man’s cyberpunk workshop

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Sean and his pal are securely sequestered in Techman’s copper-enclosed cyberpunk workshop free from the ubiquitous surveillance of the New Asia government and HK2 Police. There’s no need for five pocket jeans in 2159, because Sean can tuck his mysterious liquid circuit into the self-healing fabric of his bodysuit.

In panel 3, Techman invites Sean to stick around for a treat of some sort but Sean is a little concerned that he might get caught in Downtown after curfew. The air taxis and magshuttles stop running at 2300 hours and no one in Downtown is allowed on the street. Most of the synth brothels, bars, and V-parlors will let you stay the night—for a fee—but doors close promptly and usually automatically at the appointed time. You can also find a few pod hotels, but I wouldn’t recommend them.

Sentinel Synths and Enforcer Drones are the only ones you will find on the street after hours—except, of course, outlaws and ne’er do wells that prey those who have missed the shuttle and can’t duck into a parlor or pod hotel for the night. Things don’t bode well for those hapless souls.


Synth Sentinels: nasty but stupid. Hi res available here.
Synth Sentinels: nasty but stupid. Hi res available here.

The criminal element in the cyberpunk world of Downtown Hong Kong 2, is robust, but the after hours street criminals are in another league entirely. These consist of roving gangs of synths who were twisted by local gang-lords to rape and/or torture their victims while recording everything from the victim’s perspective; a process called head-jacking. A small device is clamped to the back of the neck directly over the victim’s chipset and the memories of the incident—complete with all five senses—are recorded. The experience is then sold on the black market. Depending on the quality of the device and trauma level, if the victim survives the crime, headjacking can result in partial or total memory erasure, and in some cases, death.

Headjacking is a capital offense.

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