Even cyberpunks can appreciate a little brandy.

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Last week we learned about headjacking. Nasty business. Today, its about brandy — much more agreeable topic.

This week we settle in as Techman produces the mysterious treat that he has asked Sean to stick around for. It turns out to be a bottle of 150 year old pear brandy. What’s unusual, (besides the age which means it was bottled in 2009) is that most 22nd century libations are replicated from molecular blueprints. If you want a bottle of 100 year old cabernet from the south of France, er, French New Asia – and you have the New Asia yuán, it is instantly dispensed from a beverage replicator. Purists claim that it’s just not the same as the real thing, so this bottle is pretty special. I chose a real brand here, Subarashii Kudamono which is real Asian Pear brandy that you can find in some states in the U.S. The fruit is grown here in the U.S. The name means “wonderful fruit,” and the pears are awesome. I designed the brand identity for this product, worked on the website and the packaging.

Real stuff. Click to enlarge.
Real stuff. Click to enlarge.

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Sean, though he is 18 is a wee naive when it comes to partying so he’s a concerned that he might get drunk. Techman puts him at ease by reminding him that with the right sequence of  “taps” via his luminous implants, he can adjust his body chemistry to mitigate the buzz. (But why would he want to do that??)

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There’s a free Chinese lesson in panel 3 as the duo toasts the equivalent of cheers, in the city’s native tongue.


Zoom opportunity:

Check out my cordial glasses that I designed a few years back but could never find anyone to produce them. More here.

Cheers. Or should I say 干?

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