The Lightstream Chronicles double-page, webcomic season finale.

Congratulations, you made it through 38 pages and 99 hi-res renderings. Here is the season finale.

The art on this page speaks louder than words so the director doesn’t have a lot to add. Last week Sean got snatched off the street while frantically trying to catch the Magshuttle back to Top City. Now it appears that things are going from bad to worse. Knocked unconscious, Sean is dragged into a dark alley. When he regains consciousness, he is outnumbered, and his hands are paralyzed to keep him from tapping his fingers together and making a 911 call. The dialog between Sean and his assailants is short and cryptic, and ends with violence.

Uh oh.
Uh oh.

What happens next?

Ramp up to Chapter 2 — Season 2

I’m giving Chapter 1 — Season 1 a few weeks to sink in before the Season 2 opener on September 6th, but August will be jam-packed with new, story-relevant content, including:

  • A new, hi-res, double-page: As Sevin sorts out the memory feed (see pp 2-7)
  • Hi-res candid shots of the cast: New characters that you’ll meet in C2-S2
  • A new, hi-res, double-page: An interview with Sean Colbert (archived from the Lightstream).
  • New, hi-res location shots that will be part of C2-S2. A new revised HK2 skyline.
  • The C2-S2 prologue: A new, hi-res, double-page intro to C2-S2.
  • NEW stuff every Friday in August!! Season opener: September 6th, 2013
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