Webcomic Prologue to Chapter 2 Continues – Luminous Implants Quick-Start Guide.

As you know we are into the prologue for Chapter 2 leading up to the Season Opener on September 6th, 2013. Over the next few weeks I will be giving you a glimpse into some behind-the-scenes info, and backstory that will add to the overall storyline and what makes people tick mid-way through the 22nd century. Next week we have 4 pages that become an archived (in the Lightstream) interview with the unfortunate Sean Colbert. The following week, I’m showing a brand new aerial rev of Hong Kong 2, and on August 30 I’ll have the double page intro to the Season Opener.

Pages iii2 and iv2

I covered some of this is a (distant) previous blog regarding diegetic prototypes. Last week we were peering over the shoulder of a synthetic au pare and her charge as the youngster was presumably ready for her starter set of  fingertip implants. Tucked in the background is this “quick-start guide”  for users. Luminous Implants is the most popular brand for this particular technology. Think of them as the Apple of the future and just like iPhones, as soon as a new rev hits the market it gets scooped up pretty fast. Since most of the populace has had this type of implant most of their lives, the quick-start guide is usually ignored since as soon as the implantation process is completed the latest changes and improvements are immediately downloaded into your chipset and you instantly “learn” them. Nevertheless, there are always those who read instructions. Here’s part of the explanation from the previous blog.

These “luminous implants” do everything from “dialing the phone” (called tapping), accessing the Lightstream (the evolved Internet of 2159), sending or receiving data feeds from active touch surfaces, and controlling body chemistry. They are used for security and identification as a “smart fingerprint”, they can be outfitted with a pheromone release system for attracting the opposite sex, and they even change color to match your mood or fashion. Exploiting the purpose behind diegetic prototypes (to suspend disbelief about change) the implants figure into several aspects of the story. If you are roving around the city you are likely to see the Luminous Systems advertisements that are floating around, and I have incorporated a scene inside the Luminous Systems store. I have designed it as a sort of Zen spa meets Apple Store. I see the implants as standard piece of bio-hardware that gets implanted under the skin at an early age, like 5 or 6 years. Digging into the idea a little deeper, I found the idea of tapping, to be a fascinating angle.

Learning to use your new luminous implants. Click to enlarge.
Learning to use your new luminous implants. Click to enlarge.

Since there is a direct connection to the brain, voice, sight hearing, taste and, of course, touch, learning the tap language,  is just a matter of infusing the program and watching your fingertips light up as it prompts you through the language. This immediately becomes “remembered” information. To give it a bit more reality, I designed this “user’s manual” for beginners. Ready to order?

New Web Page

I have also added a new web page into the last slot on the header bar at the top of the site. This “scenes” page will host previews of upcoming material and, well, once they are no longer “previews,” they’ll just be “scenes”.

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