Futurist Context and More Backstory Highlight New Web Comic Content. The Lightstream Chronicles.

C2 prologue continues

As promised, the prologue to chapter 2 is a mix of backstory and context to provide a better sense of the world as it is in 2159. We can well imagine that so much as changed politically, socially, technologically — in every way — except perhaps for the human condition. For those of you who are looking for clues, you have to remember back to the early pages of chapter 1 when someone is positing a query with their AI system to piece together a chronology of recent events (which haven’t exactly revealed in their entirety, but then that’s why you’re reading). The AI is named Sevin, but we don’t know who the impatient questioner is; so impatient that Sevin is authorized to tap all the questioner’s memories and sort them out later. At the beginning of the prologue to chapter 2, Sevin announces it’s disappointment at not being able to figure out whether the memories are relevant or not and when exactly some of them may have been logged. Much of the prologue, through this week, is part of Sevin’s dilemma. But, it is great for us since it is providing us with additional, important texture to start the next chapter.

Herewith we have another morsel from the questioner’s memory. Location? Unknown. Access date? Unknown. Information? Probably important, at least for context. This week you get a four-page treat.


This page is a room, possibly an office and definitely, based on the view, in TopCity.



This scene shows an array of display interfaces accessed from the Lightstream (by now you should all know what the Lightstream is). One is an interview with author, historian, and philosopher Akihito Mori by talk show host Alvin Lee. Are these guys human, I wonder? And opposite their dialog is the beautiful and flirtatious Bylnn Maize interviewing the handsome, young Sean Colbert. Maybe they go out for coffee after.


Blynn Maize sizes up Sean Colbert.
Blynn Maize eyeballs Sean Colbert.

Next week:

The changing landscape of Hong Kong 2. New, improved and a bit more noir.

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