It’s time to get the police involved. The latest episode from the digital online graphic novel, The Lightstream Chronicles

We begin a completely new scene and location this week as we shift up to TopCity.

This week I am moving back to single pages. In he past month, between chapter 1 and the official start of chapter 2, I posted 6 double page spreads with 17 renders. But, alas, I can’t keep that up forever. In today’s post, page 41, we move from the depths of DownTown to one of the highest spots in TopCity, namely Police Headquarters. The scene opens up with a view from the cockpit of a police shuttle on the approach path to the landing deck atop the police headquarters building. The rain has subsided but the remnants of clouds and mist still hover over the city.


Inside, we begin a conversation, though the participants are not yet identified.

Render notes:

The presence of palm trees may mislead us to think that we are really not that high up in TopCity, but as you can see from the latest update to the Hong Kong 2 cityscape on chapter 2 prologue page pix2-x2, many of the rooftops are populated with small palm forests — some of the last places in the city where there is greenery.

There have also been some tweaks to the website to lessen the clutter on the pages. Feel free to comment.

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