Webcomic prologue to chapter 2 – Peering into the world of 2159.

Editors note:

This is a blog entry that never went live back on August 1. Seems like decades ago. Anyway if you feel like going back in time…


Introducing the prologue to chapter 2

Hopefully you’ve made your way here from the webcomic, but if not, this week I am launching the prologue to the season opener of chapter 2. As many of you know, preliminary copies of chapter 2 went out to friends and associates last autumn, and as a webcomic things just wrapped up here last week. But, from now on, all content is brand new, never-before-seen stuff that takes the story to a new level. Until the season opener kicks-off on September 6th, 2013 I will be filling the pipeline with bits and pieces, backstory, all new renderings — of course — and a special teaser on August, 30 to really get things hyped up for the opener.


Prologue i2 and ii2

I’ve used this prologue numbering system to identify these first few spreads as prologue or forward to chapter 2. If you go back to pages 2-7 in chapter 1, you remember that this whole story began with a certain someone looking to piece together some recent events. The voice calls upon the computer named Sevin to assemble a chronology of event by tapping directly into his own memory banks. This week, Sevin gently awakes our mystery man to make a progress report, having astutely concludee that our man’s brain doesn’t contain all the parts of the story as they happened. Hence, Sevin goes hunting; through public records, through mesh data, and also decides to pepper the compendium with other data, possibly archival that helps tell the story.

Thanks to Sevin, we’re getting a thorough picture.

A new webcomic portal page to accommodate chapter 2.
A new webcomic portal page to accommodate chapter 2.

New webcomic portal on the site

Since chapter 1 grew into quite the massive image bank, I’ve created a new webcomic portal on The Lightstream Chronicles web site. From here you can choose chapter 1 archival material or move directly to chapter 2 updates. This should make things easier for newbies.


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