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This week we get a bit closer to actually meeting some new characters. Seated in panel one is Governor Nakamura. As we have read from the cast notes and previous blogs, the Governor is the step-father of Sean Colbert and raised him after his mother’s untimely death when he was only three years old. There is a quite a bit of mystery and controversy over her death. Karen Colbert was a successful attorney for the New Asia government in Shanghai, and married to Sean’s bio-father Kenji Colbert, a lieutenant in the New Asia Military special ops. Lt. Colbert was killed in a shuttle crash while investigating an alleged, private shadow army of synthetic soldiers that were reportedly headquartered in Guangzhou Province. Sean Colbert was born to Karen only two months after the lieutenant’s death. Reportedly, Karen Colbert became a vocal critic of the how the New Asia military investigated the crash and how they subsequently dropped the Colbert’s investigation into the synthetic army. After Sean was born, Karen quit her government job and moved back to Takarazuka City, in Japanese New Asia where she and Kenji had met. 18 months later she married local attorney and prefectural supervisor, Takeshi Nakamura. The two began a private law practice in 2142, but Karen continued to investigate her husband’s death. Two years later, while on business in Chinese New Asia, Karen fell to her death from the roof of a Shanghai hotel. It was ruled a suicide. Devastated, Takeshi abandoned Karen’s investigation, moved to Hong Kong and focused on raising Sean.

Early in Sean’s development it was apparent that he was brilliantly gifted. A age four, he had already constructed the family pet, and by age six he built a fully functional domestic droid and family companion. Sean was accepted into the Hong Kong Academy at age 9 and graduated in only two years. He went on to study synthetic systems design at the prestigious University of Advanced Cybernetics, and graduated at age 13. The next year he began work at the megaplex, government-owned, Almost Human Corporation (AHC) and received the coveted Chancellor’s Prize at age 16. A year later Sean became Vice-President of Design at AHC.

Getting to know the Governor.
Getting to know the Governor.

Meanwhile Takeshi became a successful attorney and gradually moved into the political scene where he was appointed to the Interior Ministry 2155 and made Governor in 2157. Despite the fact that outward displays of religiosity are illegal, the Governor has not kept his Christianity a secret. This has caused a stir in the media since there is still strong opposition to any religious display in public. Some speculate that his relative impunity is a result of a gradual trend in relaxing of the religious laws. He continues to receive the support of the Chancellor.

It’s always good to have a little background.

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