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“Leon Kass, a member and former chair of the President’s Council on Bioethics and professor at the University of Chicago, argues that ‘victory over mortality is the unstated but implicit goal of modern medical science…'”1

By the 22nd century, society has, for all intents and purposes, achieved this goal. Death is optional. Only the most severe injuries or deliberate suicides achieve the status of non-retrievable. Although a deceased individual can be replicated (replication in humans is called “progenation”) it is under strict government control to insure that only fully enhanced, and socially beneficial humans are replicated and to insure that population planning limits are enforced. Therefore, many accident victims and their injuries can be repaired, their body parts replaced, or regrown and their virtually lifeless bodies, regenerated using advanced stem-cell-based biomedical treatments. Because of the gravity of Sean’s injuries he will most likely receive an immersive regen. Patients treated with immersive regen are often coherent and functioning in a day or less.

This week, on page 52, we can see the extent of Sean’s injuries. It’s times like these when I wish the graphic novel were a movie, so that we could see exactly how I envision Doctor Hayes’ chart/screen expanding.  It starts out about the size of an iPad mini, but is the thickness of a credit card. With a touch from his luminous implants the chart “unfolds” to reveal the full view of Sean’s status. It is something like a hybrid of a futuristic coroner’s report and and a medical chart. Perhaps one day, in my spare time, I will animate this.

Sean's medical chart
Sean’s medical chart

The bigger question appears to be his illegal “brain intrusion” which we have discussed previously, known as headjacking. if Sean’s attack is associated with the recent series of rape/headjackings in DownTown, and he is the only survivor to date, his ability to remember the attack could shed some much needed light on the perpetrators of the crime.


Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. Circa 1490.
Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. Circa 1490.

A note on nudity. As I have mentioned in multiple previous blogs and on the web site, the story contains adult themes like rape and prostitution and it takes place in another century. I did my best to add a degree of modesty to the comic but I am also trying to stay true to the context of the story, the time, mores and conventions of a future world. It is not meant to offend or shock. however if that sort of thing does offend, then you may want to reconsider continuing with the story. For historical context you won’t see anything that is more risqué than Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, circa 1490.


1.”Go Gently into That Good Night.” Christianity Today 51.1 (2007): 26-27. Online.
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