Tattoos that move, a transpecies encounter or a borrowed experience — it’s all in DownTown.

p61 – artist’s commentary

As Kristin Broulliard begins to tread into touchy territory, I think we are catching a glimpse of a woman who is a strong character, professional, down-to-business, and clearly not intimidated by authority. We may also be getting the idea that Detective Guren is a bit of a bull in a china shop. I think that Toei complements the team well as the dispassionate observer. In some ways, he mediates the human’s side that is more emotional.

In panel 5, we see that Kristin has already done some checking into Sean’s intentions for visiting the notorious Mong Kok sector. She probably accessed the basics of his whereabouts en route to the hospital. At that point, she discovered that there was record of Sean’s voiceprint from his MagShuttle trip DownTown (page 24). In many ways, Kristin is treading closely to the insinuation that Sean was in search of some “action.” Most TopCity folks don’t venture into the Mong Kok sector unless they are looking for something, shall we say, outside the norm.

The evidence is back on page 24.
The evidence is back on page 24.

Some of the DownTown attractions include luminous tattoos. These are created via  programmable, luminous nano particles that are injected into the skin and then capable of reassembling themselves into static or moving visuals. They can be localized to a particular area of skin or cover the entire body surface. New images or moving pictures can be can be downloaded from the Lightstream. The imagery can also be “switched” off and all is controllable from the luminous implants on your fingertips. DownTown Mong Kok is also the clearinghouse for hundreds of experience exchanges, where people sell or trade brain recordings of anything from weird sex to cliff diving. There are also illegal experiences that have been jacked from rape or torture victims – some pretty sick stuff. You can also find all types of synthetic or transpecies sex brothels,  street vendors for concentrated chem boosters, like dopamine or adrenalin and there are lots of oxygen bars. Even liquor is still popular, but most of the 22nd century cocktails are infused with other specific sensations.

So it is this world that Sean ventured into a few hours ago. Naturally, our detectives are curious.


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