Purchasing a synthetic human? You need to do your research.

Behind the scenes. Page 73

This week we introduce Marie-D. If you check out Marie’s bio page, you’ll see her features and options. When you buy a synth, it’s kind of like buying a car. You have to check the ratings, the mileage and the trade-in value. Marie is BMW quality, from Almost Human Corporation, (the world leader in synthetic humans).

Here are the specs:


Marie-D. Your very own domestic synth.
Marie-D. Your very own domestic synth.

Synthetic ::

Name ::                  Marie- D

Mark Date ::       April 2, 2156 | Hong Kong 2, NA

Commission ::  April 22, 2156 | K. Broulliard

D-CLASS ::          Specifically designed for domestic labor/companionship

    :: domestic chores

   :: empathy and encouragement

   :: high loyalty quotient

   :: child rearing

   :: no sexual programming

Programs ::      Au pair

  :: culinary

  :: basic medicine

  :: teaching skills | art | music

  :: 8 more

Designer            :: S. Nakamura

Manufacturer :: Almost Human Corporation. NA

Feature set       :: medical diagnostics

  :: personality package

  :: human-synth telepathy

  :: family values

  :: empathy circuits

  :: linguistics

  :: 18 hour power integrity

  :: luminous implants

  :: memory belt porting

  :: biometric shut-down

  :: liquid circuit infusion

  :: 2 infusion ports

  :: latent/dormant equipped

  :: turnstile encryption

  :: type II nanoprene exterior

  :: titanium headwrap

Note: D-Class synthetics are the highest rated, non-sexual, domestic synthetics

   ::::3 years of 4-star customer ratings


Don’t you wish you had one?

If you were an early follower of the comic, (and I mean really early – there were only a handful of you) then you might remember Marie with rather prominent breasts and details. This caused way too much controversy and I changed her to a sort of androgynous version, albeit quite pretty, I think. Based on this design I think that a synth can have a very female demeanor without the requisite breasts.

Interesting to note that Sean Nakamura was also the designer of this particular domestic synth model. Of course in this day and age, the name Sean Nakamura is the counterpart of today’s Jonathan Ive.

By the way, do you think she should be called, “her”, or “it”?

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