A CG graphic novel update. More stunning images and hints at transmedia coming up this summer.

Page 75 locked and loaded.

So now what? This week I decided to give you a hint at what is coming over the summer. I’ve already posted regarding my speaking engagements this summer in London and Copenhagen and these presentations still need some tweaking but most of the content is pretty secure. Of course, when you are talking about design fiction, a topic that is constantly morphing and new voices regularly emerging, there is plenty of new information on which to report. It is one of those things where you simply have to say, “Stop”, commit your paper to history, and move on.

Now that my teaching responsibilities are (slowly) winding down (though never completely) and the spring semester is behind me, I’m starting to think about all the things I might accomplish over the summer. Hopefully I will be spending the majority of my time rendering and creating pages to move the graphic novel forward, but I definitely expect to revamp TLSC dotĀ  com to take on a total refresh. If you have any thoughts on features or improvements, please comment. Right now, Chapter 2 is scheduled to wind up on July 11th (fortuitously with the story line), and then there will be the usual double-page, bonus spreads covering a five-week period. So, no shortage of things to ogle over while you are sipping margaritas poolside.

There are also a couple of transmedia opportunities that I have captured, (additional web sites that work in conjunction with the futuristic storyline of The LIghtstream Chronicles). But, let’s not get too ambitious. I have pages plotted in through the middle of 2015 but, as I have stated before, my goal is to get all the pages finished and then move to two-a-week publication, or weekly spreads. Right now, however, I have to make sure I have sufficient backlog in the archive to use that approach.

That’s the update this week. Comments welcome.

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