After Google Glass, your telepathic interface could look like this.

Maybe you could call it Google Retina

The Lightstream Chronicles, future fiction


Barely perceptible, it starts as a dull hum in the back of your head, just behind your ear, usually the right ear, just above the brain port. A half-second later there is a visual projection on your retina. INCOMING. This is the signal to access the luminous implants on the tips of your fingers. You can configure it any way you want. For most people, it’s a thumb and index finger, or thumb and ring finger tap or combination, to pull up the interface—another retinal projection. The visual effect is light that appears to emanate from your fingertips, all glowing and sparkly. The user interface is circular. Things sort of float around in front of your eyes. Another tap with your fingers and you can choose to see your caller, and whether or not they see you. There’s also an option to speak or simply think your conversation. Either way, it’s your voice that comes across on the other end. All of this is a result of the way you tap, swipe, rub or move your fingers.

All glowing and sparkly.
All glowing and sparkly.

Apparently, neither Kristin nor Lee Chen have opted to go the visual route. It’s probably not a casual conversation.

If you want to know more about luminous implants or the tapping menu check out this blog post.

And if you think this is all far fetched. You might want to look at this.

Now I think it’s all too tame.

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