Of the Sunday comics and story arcs, and instant gratification.

I was one of those kids who grew up with the Sunday comics and lots of comic books. Peanuts notwithstanding, I wasn’t much for the “funnies” as much as I enjoyed the dramas. I still remember my favorites like Steve Canyon, Dondi, Judge Parker, Terry and the Pirates, and Dick Tracy. In all of these, there were long-running stories that carried on for weeks and months. We would get big doses on Sunday and then through the week there would be a single black and white page with only three or four panels for each strip. Fortunately the artists were savvy enough to save the really big events for Sunday. This all came rushing back to me today as I looked at page 104 of The Lightstream Chroniclesand I’m thinking of the folks who manage to follow TLSC on a regular basis. Even though I’m not giving out the black and white treatment, some of the pages strike me as, “Is that it?” I’m thinking back now to how I felt when there were only a few tiny snippets of dialog to advance the story as I waited for more on Sunday. But alas, I guess that’s just one of the things that make comics such a unique genre and a singular experience all their own.

I have been mapping out the completion of the story and though we’re not at the half-way point yet, I have completed 130 pages and they are ready for publication. As I have mentioned before, my goal is to get this thing finished so that we can speed this process up and I can start publishing all double-page spreads, instead of just single pages. It will get us a little bit closer and speed the story process along a bit faster.

But comics really aren’t about instant gratification. Hopefully, they are about lingering on the images and thinking about both what comes between panels and what’s going to happen on the next page. What do you think?

A classic.
A classic.
Milton Caniff did Steve Canyon as well.


Steve Canyon courtesy of : http://www.oldradioshows.org/2014/11/aviation-in-old-time-radio/
Dondi courtesy of: https://pulllist.comixology.com/articles/497/Talkin-Comics-Up-In-Morningside-Heights


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2 thoughts on “Of the Sunday comics and story arcs, and instant gratification.”

  1. In a society where instant gratification has become the norm (and impatience is a monetary opportunity) one wonders about the sense of anticipation. Some psychologist pointed out the most intense point of an expensive gift is actually before the unwrapping. After that, (as parents discover) the toy or present can be casually discarded no matter the initial expense or fancy design. This then is the basis of the experience economy, in a world where anything can be provided, then claiming bragging rights to some “unique” experience, whether climbing mountains or bungy jumping is a societal differentiator.

    So perhaps head-jacking is a serious post-modern crime as it deprecates the value of a (expensive) experience … see prior sumpetry laws separating the ranking nobles from the plebs.

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