The future according to Popcorn and The Lightstream Chronicles.

Back in the 90’s an innovative marketing futurist/consultant by the name of Faith Popcorn created quite a stir with her book, The Popcorn Report. It was a best seller for its predictions of what we would be doing and buying at the turn of the century. I’m pretty sure she coined the phrase cocooning, back then. Some of her predictions came true and then it seems as though we didn’t hear much from Popcorn. Then, earlier this week, I stumbled on an article on the online site, Fusion. The article spun from a presentation called FutureVision:2025 that Popcorn gave earlier this year on the future of work. There are a host of new predictions, but what struck me was how many of these predictions are already part of my future in The Lightstream Chronicles. Herewith are some of the similarities:

Popcorn says:                                               LSC says:

1. Careers and offices are over.        The majority of the workforce

works at home.

2. Virtual  replaces actual travel       Travel greatly reduced

by use of the V. .

3. Language dwnld > implant chip   The chipset and implants.

See the lexicon.

4. Implant chips release body chems     Adjusting your chems. See

Prologues to Season 3.

5. A robot revolution (lots of rbots)  Major premise of graphic novel

is ubiquitous synthetics.

6. Robots will care for the young.      Introducing Marie-D. Season 2.

7. Robots and humans                              Note the AHC logo and image

from Popcorn’s deck below.



8. “Always upgradable embedded chips…”   Lots on the chipset and

implants. See lexicon.

9.”Who will offer immortality insurance…”   Lexicon, p4 S1.

Almost no one’s getting old.

In a related slide deck, Popcorn also makes a bunch of predictions on the augmented brain. These include exchanging memories, adjusting your mood, reducing sleep time, and escaping into the virtual. Of course, all of these predictions are foundational to my story. And there are a number of slides in these decks that bear an uncanny resemblance to images from the graphic novel. Maybe great minds think alike.

Next week, I’ll highlight some of my other predictions. Speaking of thinking, what do you think?

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