News from a speculative future.

I  thought I’d take a creative leap today with a bit of future fiction. Here is a short, speculative future news article based on a plausible trajectory of science, tech and social policy.

18 November 2018
The Senate passed a bill today that gives the green light to Omzin Corp. and the nation’s largest insurer, the federal government, to require digital monitoring of health care recipients. Omzin Corp. is the manufacturer of a microscopic additive that is slated to become part of all prescription drugs. When ingested, the additive reacts with the stomach acids to transmit a signal to the insurer verifying that patients have taken their medication. A spokesperson for the federal government’s Universal Enrollment Plan (UEP), said that the Omzin additive was approved by the FDA as completely safe and would be a significant benefit to patients who have difficulty keeping track of complicated lists of medications and prescription requirements. The patient then naturally eliminates the tiny additive. A new ACAapp allows health care recipients to track on their mobile phone which drugs they have taken and when. The information is also transmitted to the health care provider. Opponents of the bill state that the legislation is a violation of privacy and tantamount to forced medication of the population. “Some people can avoid drugs through improved diet and exercise, but this bill pre-empts patients who would like to pursue that option,” according to Hub Garner a representative from citizens group MedChoice. “Patients who opt-in to the program will pay less for their insurance than those who defy the order,” said Senate minority leader

Some definite possibilities here for future artifacts, i.e., design fictions. Remember, design fictions are provocations of possible futures for the purposes of discussion and debate. Plausible or outrageous? What do you think?

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