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more on the emotional brand


brands3Is it just about performance or is there something else that keeps us coming back? How important is the label on your beer, the emblem on your car, the tag inside your jacket? I think performance is a huge factor. Let’s face it, we prefer one taste to another, the way a certain vehicle performs, and a jacket with an impeccable fit. Is that it? In other words do we only have to make a better mousetrap in order to be the next uber-brand?

It’s complicated. Yes, your product has to perform and meet the expectations of your customer – and the customer you want. People expect that. (Do you really buy something and expect it NOT to work?) Different products or services succeed because they meet people on their expectations. The brands that do it best, find ways to both meet the expectations and exceed them. They make an emotional connection.

The emotional connection to owning something comes when it goes beyond mere functional reliability — when it over-performs. How does a beer, a car or a jacket over perform? That’s where the brand-sphere comes into play. At a certain level the successful product will attain it’s maximum, peak performance: the beer, the car the jacket are just the way you like them. What’s next? Everything else, now there is the label, and the emblem and the tag. Now there is the packaging, the dealership, the celebrity who wears the same jacket. 

Conclusion: The product HAS to perform, consistently. The experience has to delight, consistently.

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