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Is the ad dead?

1984I’m thinking that the years between 1960 and 1990 were probably the golden years for advertising. It wasn’t just a wildly successful industry, it was elevated to art form and entertainment event. But those years are over, and advertising as we knew it during this period is pretty much dead, or close to it. This is probably not an epic revelation since ad spending has been declining for decades now. We all know that print and television spending is way down, that people are watching less TV and when they do many are filtering out the commercials. Today, consumers get their information online. They get just as much as they want and only when they want it. In the face of this trend, “pushing” advertising seems to be a short sighted way to go to market. No matter what media you are using to push advertising, when you “tag” an ad (unsolicited) onto something that is solicited (something that people want to do or watch) you are risking deletion, through TiVo, or spam, or simply switching to another site, or channel. If brands want to register with customers they are going to have to have to make it a destination — an inherent part of the solicited experience.

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