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Passing the MFA examination.

Next stop graduation.

Can’t believe that I haven’t written about this. The exam was last week, April 3rd. I submitted the 300+ page thesis about two weeks ago to my thesis committee. The last 150 or so pages were comprised of the shooting script, so while I did write all those pages, the scholarly part consisted of about half of the total content. The shooting script became the day by day guide—essentially a comic book script—for the graphic novel which I continue to use whenever I am creating images and panels. (Always plugging the story.)

Earlier in March, as part of making my rounds to universities as a candidate for open design faculty positions, I prepared a complete pitch on the entire design fiction thesis and project. Since Ohio State was one of those schools where I was interviewing, many of the faculty and most of my committee saw the long version of  When Designer’s Ask, “What If?”  Anyway, the presentation was trimmed down to a much smaller and concise snapshot so that the committee would not be seeing a lot of duplication. There was a rather lengthy discussion afterward with some genuinely tough questions, but in the end everyone signed off with only minor corrections to the thesis paper. (I have a tendency to over-comma.)

After extinguishing the comma problem I submitted the paper to my advisor for a final review. This will get uploaded to the university archives and then the process is officially over. Graduation is on May 5th.

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