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You can read more about my work at the main site: www.scottdenison.com. You may also enjoy my ongoing, free, online, graphic novel, The Lightstream Chronicles.

As for this blog: Great design is a triumphant expression of the creative spirit.I’ve made design my life’s work, and I define it broadly enough to include art, illustration, product, visual, interior, photographic, sound, brand, and image design — to name a few.  But it’s also about problem solving and the application of design thinking. For that, we need better design education. So in addition to being a designer, I’m also a design professor, and futurist. These ideas are actually quite compatible.

Design thinking may also be our last best hope to survive ourselves. My research centers on Design Fiction and you find plenty on that in these pages. That’s what I know about so that’s what I’ll write about— probably.

Stuff I don’t want to talk about would be my employers or clients, past or present — and politics (usually).

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